Vintage charm for your brand’s event – a case history

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When we look back at the leading trends of this blooming second decade of the XXI century, we will think of it as the age of vintage everything. Luxury brands in particular are absorbing the charm of the olden days aesthetics and this is good news for event planners: we get exceptional opportunities to be creative and to explore glamorous and visually appealing styles. There are several vintage themes that will add a unique charm to corporate events, but none so dazzling as The Roaring Twenties. An interest in this particular trend has been sparked by the 2013 film The Great Gatsby, but in truth this particular theme has been known to enjoy varying degrees of popularity long before that. When we were tasked with planning an exclusive product launch for the new perfume collection of Xerjoff Casamorati, we had no doubts as to what the event was going to look like.

Vintage charm for your brand’s event – a case history

Channelling the brand’s personality

History and tradition are a vital part of our client’s brand identity: Casamorati was born as a parfumerie in the Italiancity of Bologna in the late 19th century and the current brand maintains a strong connection to its origins. Everything, from the fragrances themselves to the art nouveau packaging, channels a precise idea of old style and yet timeless elegance. When luxury clients attend the official launch of a new fragrance collection, they come with a clearly defined set of expectations for the event’s vibe, style and atmosphere.

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Location scouting: Palazzo Visconti

Milan is an event planner’s dream city, in that it offers a wide range of different venues and one is certain to find the perfect fit for every briefing. In this case, we needed something with history and a unique personality. We chose Palazzo Visconti, a magnificent historic residence, dating back to the XVII Century. As an event venue, Palazzo Visconti offers the better of both worlds: state-of-the-art professional services are offered within shamelessly opulent and yet sophisticated interiors. Period furniture, grandiose baroque decor, mirrored halls, frescoes, paintings and boiseries make for an ideal venue in which to host exclusive events for luxury brands.

Just like in the Roaring Twenties

What contributes to an event’s atmosphere? The obvious answer is: everything. Some factors are under our control, such as the venue, the decor and the possibility of offering sumptuous cocktail party catering. Others are not, such as… the guests. The people are the true soul of every event and that’s usually why, if you happen to attend the kind of event that adopts a specific period’s style, you are likely to feel that something is amiss. Can you really believe you are on a pirate ship, if the person next to you is wearing trainers? What happens to your suspension of disbelief, when that Victorian interior is inhabited by people in suits with smartphones? Exactly. On the other hand, a corporate event is not a fancy-dress party. We came up with a fun and easy solution to this problem: we set up a photoshoot with a professional photographer, with a 20s themed backdrop, two models in period costumes and a series of props and accessories that guests could wear to pose next to them for official photos. Our attendees had a great time trying on evening gloves, hats and jewelry, sporting fans and canes.

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In conclusion

Launching a product is not just a simple matter of conveying a message and showcase the goods: it is about embodying values and expressing the brand’s personality. In order to achieve this, your target audience members should not be mere receivers of a message: they should be at the centre of an experience. More than anything else, event planning is about creating memories.

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