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virtual motor shows

The cancellation of all major trade shows and public events this year has led to a major crisis in the motor show industry. Even as trade shows all over Europe started again, in fact, the peculiar logistics of this type of event made it very difficult to manage them in compliance with the new rules. Unsurprisingly, the postponement and cancellation of many appointments of this kind around the world have caused a great deal of concern among professionals. Motor shows are fundamental for manufacturers, as they provide a platform for the presentation and launching of new models. During these events, technological innovations are introduced, relations with the trade press are consolidated and the interest of enthusiasts and potential clients is fuelled. For this reason, many manufacturers and organisers are exploring the possibilities offered by virtual motor shows. The good news is that these are sophisticated and engaging events and organising them is much easier than it seems. Here’s how they work.

What can you expect from a virtual motor show?

It’s easy to see the perks of this type of event. Virtual motor shows allow companies to showcase new models to the public, to unveil newly introduced technological innovations, and to market-test special offers, thus influencing the purchasing intentions of the entire industry – which happens to be one of the pillars of the European economy. This is precisely why we need to keep this connection between manufacturers and audiences, between manufacturers and the trade press. The “glamour” of this industry must also be preserved: the unveiling of a new model should always be an exciting experience, a privilege, and a surprise to witness.

Virtual motor shows and the public: this is how intense emotions are created

The experience of a motor show is different from that of any other trade show. It is not simply a matter of wandering around the different stands and collecting brochures. There is an element of engagement, an emotional quality that comes with the opportunity to touch, feel, and even try out the new models that are yet to be released, to be among the first privileged few to experience new technologies and learn about new and exciting features. Hypersmarter – a leading virtual events platform – has been working on the creation of highly engaging virtual motor shows, with a spectacular 3D environment that will offer the same level of interactivity and emotion of a live event, while guaranteeing everyone’s safety.

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How do virtual motor shows work?

Thanks to the sophisticated technology on which Hypersmarter is based, it is possible to create highly realistic and customised stands for cars and motorcycles, allowing visitors to examine the models in every detail. Compared to traditional exhibitions, virtual motor shows also offer interactive help desks, accessible at any time, to make the experience easier and assist visitors when required. All 3D spaces can be explored through an avatar and can be customised, inserting promotional campaigns, interactive and downloadable multimedia content, datasheets, forms, and vouchers for visitors, webinars, and chat rooms.

Communicate with visitors in real time

Virtual events allow every interaction to be tracked and analyzed, and feedback is always immediate and thorough. This also applies to virtual motor shows. On the Hypersmarter platform, for example, visitors can compile a “wishlist”, featuring not only their favourite content and experiences but also those they would like to find future editions – thus creating the ideal terrain -marketing operations. The whole platform is entirely interactive on both sides: users can make offers on the vehicles and get in touch with the manufacturers, allowing them to carry out targeted and effective follow-ups.

How do you measure the ROI of online motor shows?

ROI is the main concern of all professionals involved in the creation of an event, from organisers to exhibitors. Converting the investment into an economic return is the essential feasibility condition of any professional event. Unlike traditional events, virtual motor shows offer statistical reports that analyse every single detail and interaction that took place during the event. Beyond the number of visitors or direct sales, we can get valuable insights into the material that has been viewed and downloaded, individual reading/viewing times (all metrics which would be impossible to identify with any certainty in the context of a traditional event), the number and duration of interactions such as chats and webinars, the exposure gained by each product, advertisement or brand. This allows organisers and exhibitors to calculate not only the immediate economic return but also the effects in terms of branding, brand awareness, and positioning for individual exhibitors, with unprecedented accuracy.

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