Voyage Privé: incentive travel on a pirate ship

voyage privé pirate galleon ship

Sometimes going the extra mile is simply not enough. Sometimes, as an event planner, you get the dream assignment, the one that requires you let your imagination run wild, because your client wants their corporate event to be as over the top as possible. That’s why our creative team got incredibly excited, as we got our briefing from Voyage Privé, a leading firm in international luxury travel. We were asked to plan an incentive weekend outing for the client’s team, something breath-takingly unique, that would transport them to a whole new world of thrill and adventure. And, of course, our immediate answer was ‘Pirates!

Voyage Privé: incentive travel on a pirate ship

Giving back: incentive travel should be a rewarding experience

voyage privé pirate galleon shipVoyage Privé made its name in the travel industry as a provider of unique holiday experiences at affordable prices. Its name is synonym with exotic destinations, luxury hotels and exclusive deals. We thought their team deserved the same outstanding treatment they have always provided for their clients. Incentive travel is all about giving back, even if it’s just for a weekend: an amazing job should be rewarded with an equally amazing leisure time.

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The venue: if it’s not unique, it’s not enough

At Smart Eventi, we pride ourselves in having access to some of the most unique venues in Italy. Having a client that specialises in luxury travel, however, presented special challenges: luxury hotels are just another part of their daily routine. What could we offer to top the outstanding venues they were already familiar with? That’s why we decided to think big and whisk them away from the crisp metropolitan efficiency of Milan to an ancient Venetian Galleon, docked in Jesolo. We literally kidnapped them, as we wanted their travel experience to be truly unique and memorable, even by their own very high standards. As they boarded the ship, they were welcomed by a pirate crew. As we set sail towards Venice, our guests were treated to an excellent fish-based dinner on deck.

Venice by night

When your incentive trip starts with a bang, you need to keep the surprises coming. And you can say this for Venice by night: it’s one of the most breath-taking sights on the planet. Our pirate ship made a grand entrance in the Venetian bay, right up to Piazza San Marco, where our guests were met with the magical atmosphere of the candle-lit terrace of the famous Biennale. The evening was spent dancing on board the galleon to the beats provided by our pirate-Dj. The first night accommodation was a luxury Relais hotel, sourced by Voyage Privé.

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Day two: the adventure continues

We love mixing incentive travel and team building, so we planned a completely different vibe for the second day of our project. We took our guests to the Brenta river, where they challenged each other to a rafting team-building adventure. Rafting is a thrilling sport, definitely not for the faint-hearted, and we made sure that our team was able to enjoy it fully while staying safe at all times. We chose one of the most beautiful spots in the region, with thrilling falls and magnificent emerald lakes, that kept our guests busy for the best part of the day. An outdoor barbecue was the perfect conclusion to a hot summer day, spent braving the river on rafts. As well as the traditional meat courses, we enjoyed a local delicacy: grilled polenta.

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