What makes Italy the perfect incentive destination

Are you planning a business meeting, an incentive trip or a training workshop for your employees? Are you looking for somewhere unique, combining modern meeting venues and facilities, style, comfort, excellent food and a vast choice of entertainment? Then you’ll find no better destination than Italy. In this post, we’ll examine what makes Italy the ultimate incentive and business travel destination. We can promise, by the end of it, you will be booking your team on a trip to Italy!

What makes Italy the perfect incentive destination

Have a taste of La Dolce Vita

What do you think of when you think of Italy? Many recurrent concepts are associated with the Italian identity: style, food, art, a love of beauty and pleasure, and the pursuit of all the good, simple things that make life worth living. Life in Italy runs at a slower pace and no journey is worth it unless you stop and enjoy the scenery with a good glass of wine. That means every business trip can have a pleasant side to it, as there are plenty of opportunities for entertainment and once-in-a-lifetime sightseeing experiences.

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Beaches, mountains and forests are never far away

Did you know that Italy has 23 National Parks? And they are incredibly diverse too: each region has its own natural beauty. Italy’s combination of landscapes is almost unique. Because of its elongated shape, it packs a lot of diversity within relatively small distances. From the immaculate and world-famous beaches of the southern and insular regions, where the weather is mild throughout the year, to the majestic alpine peaks with their perennial snows. In between, there are forests and bushland, woods and pleasant hills, vast planes, volcanoes, rivers and lakes, as well as the tallest and most scenic waterfall in Europe. Wherever you are in Italy, you will never have to drive longer than an hour to encounter a beautiful landscape or a natural wonder.

Italy the perfect incentive destination

Heaven for sport fans

One thing that comes with having a very diverse territory is the opportunity to play a lot of different sports, particularly the kind that is practiced in nature. Winter sports enthusiasts, for instance, will crowd to the Alps and parts of the Apennines to ski, snowboard, climb and hike, whereas surfers will find amazing waves in many spots along the vast coastline of Italy, from Liguria to Sicily, from Sardinia to Apulia. We have often offered sporting experiences alongside our incentive travel packages: quad-racing and mountain-biking are particular favourites with our clients. Besides, most of the hotels and resorts that host corporate groups have amazing sporting facilities, such as golf courses and tennis courts.

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The human element: art, history and folklore

What most people think of, when they think of Italy, of course, is age-defining art. The Renaissance is perhaps the period that comes most easily to mind when thinking of cities like Florence and Rome, but really Italy is one uninterrupted art history book just waiting to be read, covering thousands of years’ worth of human ingenuity. From the masterpieces of ancient Roman architecture and sculpture to the splendour of Byzantine churches, from the universally acclaimed legacy of artists such as Leonardo and Raphael to the historical avantgardes of the XX Century. In Italy, you can feel history flowing through the very same streets you get to walk in any city centre and any archaeological site. That makes for some of the best excursions you could wish for, as part of your incentive travel package. And then, of course, there is the part of Italian culture everyone looks forward to when first visiting the Country: food. When you choose Italy as your incentive destination, you will be able to explore the classics and delve right into the regional traditions of each destination you visit, sample the local recipes and enjoy wine and cheese tastings with local producers, get a miniature bottle of olive oil to bring back home and learn how to make authentic Italian pizza!

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