You might already know that Italy has the highest number of UNESCO listed sites in Europe and that a considerable portion of the masterpieces exhibited in museums and galleries all over the world were created by Italian artists. You may also know that Italy has much to offer in terms of delicious food and world-renowned wine and natural scenery of breath-taking beauty, from sandy beaches to rocky shores, from magnificent mountain ranges to gentle hillsides, ancient villages that will enchant you and magnificent cities that will steal your heart.

What you might not know is that Italy has a broad and varied economy, which encompasses several types of industries, from fashion to technology, from ITC to agriculture. You may also not know that doing business in Italy is in fact extremely simple, if you have the right partners.

Doing business in Italy, will open up a whole new world for your company: a world in which efficiency and professionalism meet a warm and personal approach to any activity.

Several global brands have already chosen Italy as the perfect destination for their business meetings, conferences, trade shows and incentive travel: what are you waiting for?