Find the perfect winter incentive destination in Italy!

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How do you plan the perfect incentive? Surely, the idea of a “perfect” anything is relative. A perfect workplace, a perfect holiday, and a perfect evening largely depend on who is living the experience and who is judging it. And there’s your answer, right there: you plan a perfect incentive by getting to know your employees. Once you understand what they like and what they wish for, you will be able to select the perfect destination. If you are currently planning your next winter incentive, we have a few tips to inspire you: from the warmer regions of southern Italy to the snowy peaks of the northern regions, our Country has something for everyone. So why not visit Italy this winter? Find the perfect destinations and treat your employees to a unique experience!

Find the perfect winter incentive destination in Italy!


If the point of your winter incentive is to escape the chill and snow of your hometown, southern Italy is certainly the best option. Campania, of course, is one of the most popular Italian regions, with most tourists and travellers heading straight to Naples without a second thought. If you want to add something special to your travel program, however, you may book a stay in Pompeii. Its archaeological site is one of the most famous in the world and it is also particularly vast. The remains of the ancient city of Pompeii, whose inhabitants were killed by Mount Vesuvius’ eruption in 79 AD are exceptionally well-preserved and provide a fascinating insight into a sophisticated civilisation. Take advantage of the mild climate and complete your winter incentive program with a visit to the mighty volcano itself and a short stay in beautiful Sorrento.


Most tourists visit Apulia during the summer, to swim in its beautiful sea and get a healthy tan on its famous beaches. This region, however, has a lot to offer in every season. If you want your winter incentive to feature both outstanding sightseeing and delicious food, we suggest you choose Alberobello as your destination. This small town in the central part of the region is well-known for its white, cone-shaped houses, the trulli. As most of the local population moved into “normal” housing complexes, these peculiar buildings were turned more and more into tourist attractions, restaurants, galleries or holiday homes for international travellers. This area is particularly pleasant to visit in winter, as the weather is still relatively warm, but the massive wave of summer tourism has abated, making the town and its surroundings much more peaceful and allowing for a more relaxing stay. When you visit, don’t forget to sample the local cuisine!

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Truffles, truffles and more truffles. Alba is the perfect winter incentive destination for a team of gourmands – as is the whole Piedmontese region of Langhe. While the scenery is breath-taking throughout the year, visiting in winter will allow you to taste some of the most exquisite delicacies known to man. Alba is famous for its prized white truffles, which form the basis for many local recipes – most of which are only suited to the cold season, as they tend to be quite rich and to feature large quantities of cheese and butter. The local wines are also famous among connoisseurs. If you want to add a special experience to your winter incentive, we suggest you book a wine and/or truffle tasting for your employees.

Val di Funes

If you are planning a sport-centered winter incentive, you will be spoilt for choice in northern Italy. From east to west, from the Dolomites to the French Alps, there are plenty of spectacular destinations for skiing, snowboarding and ice-skating. If you want to avoid the loud crowds of the skiing season, but still want to enjoy the beauty of the North-East, we suggest you head for Val di Funes, in Trentino. This beautiful and relatively secluded valley in the Dolomites is perfect for cross-country skiing, but also includes several beautiful little villages that are definitely worth a visit.


If cross-country skiing is too tame for your employees, we suggest you head to Livigno. A Mecca for winter sports enthusiasts, this small town in the province of Sondrio offers everything your sport-loving employees might want: perfect slopes for skiing and snowboarding, climbing and hiking opportunities, ice-skating rings and also plenty of sightseeing to be done in the surroundings. The weather will be extremely cold in winter, but, at the end of a hard day’s skiing, you will be able to enjoy the warmth of the local chalets and sit down with a hot chocolate or a rum punch, to go over your day’s adventures.

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