World Business Forum – Milan, 30-31 October 2018

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The most anticipated business event in the world is coming to Milan in October. Every year, WOBI organises a series of events that take place in Europe, Oceania, Asia and the Americas, in which the brightest minds in contemporary business gather to share ideas, visions and projects, to network and to plan, to inspire and be inspired by one another. For two days, the topmost business elite from across the globe will exchange knowledge and compare perspectives, before they go back to shaping the world’s economy. Attending this event offers unique opportunities to mingle with the true movers and shakers of international business, and it should be planned carefully.

Who attends the World Business Forum?

Of one thing you can be sure: every single attendee at the World Business Forum is there for a reason. The steep ticket prices make this the kind of investment that entrepreneurs tend to ponder and plan carefully. If you decide to attend, you will meet with an eclectic crowd of CEOs, CFOs, innovators, philosophers, sportspeople, marketers, thinkers and artists. What do they all have in common? A restless mind, unquenchable passion for business and an iron-cast determination to achieve goals. You will listen to inspiring speakers that will share discoveries, theories and instances of pure blue-sky thinking that have the potential to revolutionise entire fields of business.

The main theme: Welcome to the Exponential Age

What do we mean by “Exponential Age”? This definition addresses a particular aspect of the times we are currently living. This is an age in which change is happening at an unprecedented pace, in every area. From technology to social structures, from marketing trends to languages, from art to business models, everything evolves faster than we are able to study it. Failing to innovate and clinging on an obsolete way of doing business can quickly prove fatal within contemporary marketplaces. While business philosophy has long been informed by the principles of linear thinking and incrementalism, it is now time to add one extra dimension to it, by embracing exponentialism. What does this mean, in practical terms? For one, that our concepts of what is “good” and what “works” are changing dramatically. The age of control is fading away and a new era of empowerment is dawning, where networks are proving more effective than hierarchies. This means learning to think differently about business both within our companies and in the wider context of the global market.

Are you travelling to Milan to attend the World Business Forum?

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