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Whenever you approach a new market, you should build a specific strategy for your target audience. Over the years, we have been helping international clients launch their products on the Italian market and providing them with dedicated PR advice, to help them connect with the local media and get their message across successfully. Chances are, if your campaign has been a success overseas, it will need some tweaking for it to work equally well in Italy. Cultural awareness is essential in this respect. What do good digital PR look like? What do you need to succeed in the Italian market?

Digital PR is global, but you still need to deliver locally-tailored messages

Good digital PR require certain digital skills, that might work on a general level: knowledge of social media is essential, as is in-depth knowledge of the dynamics of influencer-marketing, the secrets of SEO, and an attitude towards online media relations. None of this, however, is going to be enough, unless you understand the cultural environment in which your messages are going to be received. Being able to offer a nod to popular culture, to set your campaign within the context of the overall national discourse will make it more relevant and effective than any amount of perfectly executed SEO ever could.

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Influencer marketing will always be local, to some extent

Influencer marketing is one of the most powerful tools at our disposal when it comes to branding and achieving customer loyalty. We all like to think of global influencers with vast international audiences and there are indeed a few who match this description. It’s perfectly possible that a specific niche might be cross-cultural and cross-national. Most influencers, however, are somewhat conditioned by language barriers, and, with the exception of a few worldwide celebrities, most influencers will only effectively connect to audiences who communicate in the same language as they do. This narrows down the options for international brands looking for influencers in Italy. Good PR, in this case, are about finding the perfect fit for your brand. This calls for a perfect understanding of popular culture, niches, and local trends.

Social Media are global, but Social Media Marketing is still mostly local

Have you ever laughed at the weird automated translations of Facebook status, proudly provided by Bing? Exactly. Yes, some things are translatable, but when it comes to your marketing strategy you can only count on content that was originally composed in the language in which it was meant to be consumed. Social media marketing continues to be a key communication asset and the way brands interact with their audience will continue to evolve. Digital PR professionals will need to be familiar with the dynamics and paradigms of the main social networks and their respective popularity with each niche of the national public, in order to develop effective content for the type of audience to which the messages are directed. Before launching into a paid social media campaign for the Italian market, you will need to set up an editorial plan, investigate the most engaging formats, but most of all you will need to look at User Generated Content, to finetune your message and maximise its efficacy.

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