The best location for your corporate events? The Alps!

best location for your corporate events mountains

There are several reasons for planning your next corporate events or incentive trips in the mountain regions of northern Italy – and the upcoming Winter Olympics are but one of them. After all, when planning your corporate events, you need to choose locations and venues carefully. Meetings and seminars, retreats and workshops, conventions and incentive plans will benefit from being organised in a space that combines practical value and aesthetics.

Your corporate events in the mountain regions of northern Italy

That crisp mountain air, the beautiful natural scenery, the spectacular views, and the healthy local food create the perfect conditions to get your attendees’ minds and bodies into gear, reaching that level of perfect, balanced calm that is conducive to outstanding productivity and peace of mind. When it comes to picking the perfect venues, there are already plenty of amazing options in the northern regions of Italy, but they are going to increase dramatically as business floods in ahead of the Olympics. This means you will have plenty of great venues to choose from.

The best location for your corporate events The Alps

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Back and forth… through time

Regions like Trentino Alto Adige and Lombardy are specialising in providing excellent facilities for corporate events, with state-of-the-art technology and the kind of futuristic vibe that many companies like to add to their meetings and conferences. On the other hand, these regions have a long and beautiful history and plenty of beautiful old residences to attest it. You could book some downtime to visit an ancient castle in the mountains or organise a team building session in a medieval fortress. Let the unique beauty of each region inspire you and pick the perfect entertainment for every season.

Business is business

And yet, there is more to business than just… business. When planning your corporate events, you should always make sure that your chosen venue provides some extra services, of the kind that make attendees feel cared for, even pampered. A welcoming atmosphere, friendly staff, excellent cuisine, and first-rate entertainment. If you want your attendees to have a fantastic time and make memories to last them a lifetime, you will need to take care of all the details that can turn a standard business event into a memorable experience.

your corporate events in The Alps

Winter wonderland

If you are not used to the cold weather, planning your corporate events in a mountain region, in winter, can be daunting or downright scary. Not everyone loves to be outdoors in the snow and winter sports are not everyone’s cup of tea. And yet, with a few tips from local experts, your team will be able to enjoy the invigorating air and snowy landscapes to the fullest. Hire local guides for hiking trips and make sure you ask for a detailed list of all the equipment your attendees will need to be comfortable and safe in the snow. And don’t forget to book at least a meal in a local restaurant, preferably one famous for its traditional recipes. If you book skiing lessons or any other sporting activities, don’t forget to plan alternatives for those who can’t or won’t take part in them, such as visits to local landmarks and spa days.

The best location for your corporate events - The Alps

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