Your digital product launch needs the perfect strategy: here’s 3 tips for you

digital product launch

Can you remember a time when product launches involved events, with press representatives gathering together to be offered samples and refreshments? That is not a thing anymore, apparently. And, until we go back to whatever “normal” is supposed to be, marketers need to find new ways of attracting attention and engaging both their audience and the press. How do you plan an entirely digital product launch for an entirely digital society with entirely digital lifestyles? As you know, we like a challenge, so we came up with a list of useful tips.

You need to know where your target is. Find them online before you start talking to them

So many services and products have shifted their targets and goals over the past year, as they were forced to move most of their operations online. Services such as consultancies and training programs, for instance, discovered that, since they no longer needed clients to book face-to-face appointments, they did not need to limit themselves to local audiences. Before you start planning your campaign, therefore, you should have an idea of where and how to intercept your online target audience. Where do your potential clients hang out on the internet? What are their favourite platforms? What time-zones do they live in and when are they most active? This needs to be the first step towards the definition of your ideal buyer persona.

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Get personal with the press before your digital product launch

If you don’t communicate clearly and effectively with the media in your industry, your product launch will not be a success. Bloggers, influencers, journalists specialising in your specific field need to be your best friends, they need to get the VIP package of whatever product or service you are hoping to sell and they need to get it ahead of anyone else. That’s the whole point of being a member of any industry-related press. Since you can’t hold proper press-events and your prospect probably won’t stick around for a long Zoom conference, we suggest you try a different approach. With our Smart Press Days, for instance, we sent special packages to journalists and influencers, encouraging them to share their product-testing and unpacking experiences online. We included gadgets, freebies, and treats, and, when relevant, we included invitations for exclusive online demonstrations (for make-up products, for instance, that could be tutorials with star make-up artists).

Pick the best content for your buyer personas

What kind of content should you create for your online campaign? Educational videos? Training tutorials? Traditional ads? Emotional multimedia? That all depends on your hot leads and on your loyal customer base, which you will find it easier to target with your product launch. You need to make time to get to know them, nurturing active communities on social media, and investing in carefully-designed marketing campaigns. Don’t be afraid to spread your campaign across different types of content and different emotional undertones, if your audience requires it. Remember: clients who are familiar with the brand, are easier to reach and can in turn create a ripple effect by sharing information about your product on social media. Knowing your customers and, most of all, knowing your product will make it much easier to identify the types of content to offer.

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