Step aside supercars: here comes the Zerouno series – Italian automotive luxury meets futuristic technology

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Some of the best known Italian luxury brands are part of the automotive industry. Whereas other nations, like Germany and Japan, dominate the city-car market, Italy is well known for being a nation of supercars, some of which have come to embody the very concepts of luxury and affluence. Brands like Maserati, Lamborghini and – obviously – Ferrari, are the stuff of legend and they contributed to placing Italian design in a class of its own.

Italian automotive luxury brands: a history of excellence

These brands’ history is also closely connected to another Italian company, whose name might not be as popular among the general public, but it has been a household name in international luxury design for half a century and is now about to pivot and approach the automotive market from a new angle. So far, Italdesign has always worked for other automotive luxury brands, focusing on design, prototypes and engineering, but never starting its own production. In the second half-century of its history, however, the company originally founded by Aldo Mantovani and Giorgetto Giugiaro, is set on entering the automotive market as an active player for the first time. Being at the forefront of automotive innovation, it was only to be expected that Italdesign’s own production line would only consider the latest and most sophisticated technology available. This is how the “special cars” Zerouno Coupé and Zerouno Duerta came do be designed. These are hypercars, projected into a future that most brands are not even contemplating yet, and they are the epitome of exclusivity.

Taking exclusivity to the next level

There are luxury brands, and then there are unique collectors’ pieces, that are never meant to placed on the market. This is the case with Italdesign’s brand new hypercars, for which only five vehicles will be produced for each model. Buyers will be engaged in the whole production process, long before the cars are ready to hit the road. The goal is to produce the highest-performing sports cars in existence, to make them the very pattern of luxury and exclusivity, while also ensuring they comfortable enough to be used for long journeys. What makes these cars unique? Among other things, the fact that they match the latest most advanced technology with an unmistakably artisanal quality, that is evident in the attention given to every last detail of the cars’ design and to the overall comfort of the driving experience. While Italdesign has been among the first companies in Italy to incorporate virtual reality technologies into the production process – thus enhancing performance and slashing production costs – it has also made a point of maintaining the creative process entirely “human-driven”. It is well known that the company expects its designers to always develop their project with pencil and paper, before moving on to more technological design tools. Italdesigns also promotes excellence and creativity by creating a climate of healthy competition among designers and working with international teams, often in collaboration with other companies, particularly within emerging markets. The Zerouno series will be sold at a starting price of 1.5 Million Euro per vehicle. We can confidently say that there are ten collectors, around the world, that are going to be extremely proud of their new supercars.

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